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Chester, CT

Tonic is a botanical boutique located in the heart of Chester, CT. The boutique offers “Whole Harmony”products, our health & wellness brand dedicated to Plant Medicine. We’re passionate herbalists who study the properties | energies | actions of Plants. We’ve created an exceptional line of Wellness Tonics & Balancing Botanical Teas. Our belief in plant medicine combined with ancient healing traditions go into every herbal product we make. From the seed to the shelf our products are whole; no added sugar, preservatives, or other “natural flavorings”. Our goal is to create a new standard of wellness in the world of Plant Medicine.Our belief in plant medicine – combined with ancient healing traditions and our passion – go into every herbal product we make.


Farm Products:

Spanning over two acres, The Whole Harmony Medicinal Herb Farm is where the magic happens. Surrounded by stonewalls and natural beauty, our fertile soil is leased from the Haddam Land Trust. It’s here in this tranquil, little spot that we grow the majority of our medicinal herbs. Having come from a long line of gardeners, Dave and his green thumb are largely responsible for tending to the crops both at the farm and in our 1,000 ft. greenhouse.

Our farm grows on a yearly basis and, for the few herbs that are not grown on location, Whole Harmony is sure to always source locally and responsibly. Knowing our ingredients inside and out is important to us. As dedicated members of the Connecticut Herb Association, we pride ourselves on our commitment to raising herbs with the upmost care and positivity. To see us in our element, be sure to keep an eye out for our annual Open Farm Day! At this event, we invite the community out for a tour of the farm and a day of learning.


David Soule & Stacy Wood

Mailing Address:

1 Main Street, Chester, CT

Farm Location:

 1 Main Street, Chester, CT

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(860) 778-4531



Open Tuesday thru Sunday.


Wednesday – Saturday  9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday and Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


Chester, CT center of downtown

What’s Growing:

75 kinds of medicinal herbs grown on the farm and more coming.

Special Information:

We’ve created an exceptional line of Wellness Tonics & Balancing Botanical Teas. Come and visit at the store and visit our beverage bar.

145 Dennison Road, Essex, CT 06426

Phone: (860) 581-8554

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