Naples Farm

Durham, Connecticut

The Naples family has owned the 150 acres that encompass their Durham farm since 1923, when Arcangelo Naples bought the land from German farmers for $2500. To this day, wild berries still scatter the acreage, remnants of the orchards that populated the land during the 1800s. Maria, the wife of Arcangelo Naples of Camposano, Italy, was “the heart, soul and everything” to the family and created an “open house” that welcomed intimate and extended family, and occasional strangers to their table. Their home was a sanctuary. During the Depression, relatives from New York City sent their children to spend their summers on the farm. They worked hard, and they ate well- food that Phyllis still makes today: vegetable stew, pasta fagioli, fried dough and Italian sausage with raspberry jam made from bushes on the farm. At night the assortment of teenagers slept “wherever they could fit—on mattresses, in the hay mows….” It was a cheerful gathering of intimate and extended family.
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167 Bear Rock Road, Durham, CT 06422, USA
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167 Bear Rock Road, Durham, CT 06422, USA

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