Long Table Farm

Old Lyme, Connecticut

Long Table Farm practices sustainable agriculture on Sill Lane in Old Lyme, on Beaver Brook Road and McIntosh Road in Lyme, Connecticut.  Our home farm was on the Upper Mill Pond when we started farm in the winter of 2013/2014, but we expanded to Beaver Brook Road in 2016. We changed our farm name from “Upper Pond Farm” (which was tied to the main feature of the farm on Sill Lane, the Upper Millpond), to Long Table Farm in 2020. 256 Beaver Brook Road is our home farm and one of our CSA locations. If you are looking for us, check on Beaver Brook Road!

Farm Products:

We believe you should have access to healthy food grown without harmful chemicals. 

The best way for us to do this is by growing delicious vegetables and fruits, and providing them to our community.   Our Community Supported Agriculture project is the embodiment of these values. 


Baylee Rose Drown

Ryan Quinn

Mailing Address:

256 Beaver Brook Road, Lyme, CT

Farm Location:

256 Beaver Brook Road, Lyme, CT

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(616) 292-3311






CSA shares are available 4 days a week at 4 locations. Products can also be purchased at the Farmers Market at Tiffany Farm and Chester Summer Farmers Market.


On CT-95 N take exit #70 to CT-156 W. Continue on CT-156 W for 6.9 miles . Turn Right to Beaver Brook Road. continue for 2.4 miles to 256.

What’s Growing:

We grow seasonal vegetables and fruits on our six acre plot of land adjacent to Upper Mill Pond and our 4.6 acre plot on Beaver Brook in Lyme. We also tend two land trust properties in Lyme. At the Bloom Preserve on McIntosh we grow potatoes and leeks and we maintain the Hand-Smith preserve property by mowing it yearly. We are so grateful to our landlord at Upper Pond Farm and the Lyme Land Trust for access to beautiful, flat farm land.

Special Information:

We use ecologically based agricultural practices to manage our farms holistically.  Top priorities are enhancing biodiversity, soil health and structure. We find that healthy soils grow high quality produce.

 Long Table Farm recycles nutrients, encourages composting on and off farm, and builds resilient systems.  We use preventative methods by building systems that are plant positive to avoid synthetic chemical treatment of disease and pests.  When your soil is healthy, your plants are healthy.

Long Table Farm invests in Lyme-Old Lyme’s community.  We feed our community directly.  We educate our community by connecting them with the earth and food system. We donate produce to the Shore Line Soup Kitchen. 

145 Dennison Road, Essex, CT 06426

Phone: (860) 581-8554
Email: info@rivercog.org

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