Four Root Farm

East Haddam, Connecticut

Four Root Farm, East Haddam, Ct

As you know if you’ve spent five minutes with us, the Four Root farmers love each other as family and genuinely get real joy from working together as intimately as farming refquires. As a four-person team we have a productive and healthy diversity of skills. We are farmers, architects, musicians, athletes, historians, dog people, cat people, miniature Scottish Highland people, enthusiastic cilantro eaters, and enthusiastic anti-cilantro eaters. We all love soup. One of us is a three-year-old.Your content goes here. 

Farm Products:

Located on 13 quiet acres in East Haddam, Connecticut, Four Root Farm is a small and diverse Certified Organic vegetable and cut flower farm. We are committed to growing nutritious, delicious, and highly unusual produce. The farm is owned equally by its four farmers: partners and best friends who share a common vision for a business model that sustains our community, our land, our selves, our soil, and our food system. 


Rachel Berg

Elise Cusano

Aaron Taylor

Caitlin Taylor

Mailing Address:

257 Tater Hill Road, East Haddam, CT

Farm Location:

257 Tater Hill Road, East Haddam, CT


(860) 550-1122



Order on line Monday 9am – Wednesday midnight. Pick-up at markets, Sunday at farm or have products delivered.


From I-95 N, take exit #70. Turn left to CT 156 W and continue to Rte. 82. Turn Right on Rte,. 82 and left on State HWY 434. Turn left on Mitchell road and right on Tater Hill Road. Go to #257. 

What’s Growing:

In addition to salad greens, cucumbers, kale, and other staples, we grow the fringe stuff. Shishito peppers, ghost chilis, chicories, thai basil, fairy tale eggplants, a rainbow of gnarly tomatoes – the weirder, the better. We’re endlessly fascinated by the beautiful shapes and colors and tastes of heirloom and uncommon veggies, and recognize the high price that our ecosystem, our health, and our food system will pay if those varieties are lost. Though it takes time, a rigorous organizational strategy, an affinity for experimentation, and a sense of adventure, we’re committed to growing a unique and varied crop of highly unusual, and highly delicious, veggies for our customers and for ourselves.

Special Information:

Orders can be placed for Market Shares, Flower Shares or single orders on line.  

145 Dennison Road, Essex, CT 06426

Phone: (860) 581-8554

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