Cold Goats Farm

Haddam, Connecticut

Cold Goats is a small farm nestled in the scenic Connecticut River Valley. We are a cottage industry working with and supporting other local farmers to preserve New England rural farmland and lifestyle. Our farm was purchased in 1996 with the intention of saving the barn from collapse and the fields from encroaching scrub growth. The plan was to create a home for our pony and raise a few chickens. By 1998 this modest beginning had grown into the current farming operation. We added angora goats to keep the pony company and browse on the invasive plant growth. The beautiful mohair the goats produced was a bonus. Angora goats are sheared twice a year, as their curly locks grow about 1 inch per month. The mohair is washed and emerges as a lustrous and strong fiber which can be used as Santa beards, doll hair and in craft projects. Then it is carded and may be blended with wool to add elasticity. Hand spinners can choose natural colors or dyed roving for spinning projects. Some of the blended fiber is sent to a small local mill to be spun into yarn. Our yarns can be purchased as natural colors or dyed.

Farm Products:

Mill-spun and hand-spun yarns blended from our Angora goats and CT-grown sheep wool. Roving for spinners, needle felting kits for fiber artisans. Rugs, shawls and felted decorations.


The McGarry Family

Mailing Address:

68 Clarkhurst Road, Haddam, CT 06438, USA

Farm Location:

46 Deep Hollow Road, Chester, CT 06422

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(860) 267-7906


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145 Dennison Road, Essex, CT 06426

Phone: (860) 581-8554

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