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Greenbacker's Brookfield Farm
Durham, Connecticut

Greenbacker Farm is a family owned and operated dairy farm. They have about 300 head total, with 180 milking and dry. The milking herd has 30 Jerseys, 15 Brown Swiss, 3 Milking Shorthorns, and the rest Holsteins. They are a member of Agri-Mark and one of the farmer owners of Cabot Creamery. The family has been farming in central Connecticut since the 1720s. The farm not only produces milk, but the family also serves as ambassadors hosting school visits and participating at fairs to connect the general public to something quite basic – where milk comes from.

Products Offered: Milk.
Owner(s): The Greenbacker Family
Mailing Address: 160 Wallingford Road, Durham, CT 06422
Farm Location: 160 Wallingford Road, Durham, CT 06422
Website: Greenbacker's Brookfield Farm

Special Information:

  • Greenbacker's Brookfield Farm is the largest farm in Middlesex County, totalling 415 acres.
  • The farm has been protected from development under the CT Farm Preservation Act.
  • Most of the milk produced at Greenbacker's is sold to Guida's Dairy in New Britain.
  • The Greenbackers are one of the farm families that own Cabot Creamery.