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If you have interest in the weekly CTDOA agriculture reports, you can go to the Know Your Farmer's website at and click on the link at the top of the right column.

Spring of 2017

Greetings everyone! Farming season is here! We're looking forward to brushing off winter's dust and engaging on the new growing season!

Two New Agriculture Planning Documents!

The RiverCOG Ag Council has posted two new agriculture planning documents on the "Know Your Farmers" website! The first is entitled "Conservation Options for Connecticut: A Guide for Landowners, Land Trusts & Municipalities". The second is entitled "Planning for...

Connecticut Craft Breweries

Check out this month's Connecticut Magazine! Among numerous other Connecticut craft breweries is the lower CT River's own "Fat Orange Cat Brewery" in East Hampton. If you're into the new craft brewery craze in Connecticut, you have to read this article!...


Although I watch over this Know Your Farmers blog, I'm not an expert "farmer". Here's a question for you. I have been pretty unsuccessful at growing tomatoes on my property on Saybrook Point. Sandy soil, plenty of sun. I use organic soil and...

CTDEEP Releases New Aquifer Video

What is an aquifer? Aquifers and the water they hold are obviously important to us all, and particularly to farmers. The DEEP has produced a new video that explains aquifers that "unlocks the mystery of our fragile, hidden water resources,...

Obituary, Edward “Cowboy” Hills III of Middletown

Many in the region were saddened to hear of the passing of Edward "Cowboy" Hills III of Middletown last Thursday. He was a longtime Public Works employee in the City of Middletown, a farmer, and a member of the RiverCOG Regional Agriculture Council and he...

Agricultural Easement Workshop

If you're a Town Planner or Municipal Official, and you're interested in learning more about agricultural easements and how they can be used to enhance your town's agricultural resources, there's a workshop that may be just for you! The CT Farmland Trust...

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